Engage Shoppers and Customers

A perfect solution for malls, airports, lounges, tourist attractions, and theme parks.  The VR Photobooth creates a brand new  one-of-a-kind experience for your guests by combining the amazing power of virtual reality & 360° photography.

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The easiest way to draw a crowd, then keep them talking & sharing!


Customize the exterior with your branding


Customize the 360° photos with your branding


Attract Thousands of People

The VR Photobooth is sure to stand out at all events

Create a Memorable Family Experience

Fits up to 12 people, so that everyone can join in on the fun

Coin Operated and Controlled

The VR Photobooth is easy to use and can run 24/7 without staff  

How it works

  1. Guests step into the photobooth
  2. A 360° photo is taken
  3. Guests see the 360° image in VR
  4. The image can be emailed, or shared to social media
  5. Your event metrics and ROI are sent to you post-event 
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Leverage the power of 360° photos for maximum social media engagement!

360° photos on Facebook receive 30% more engagement than regular images. Organically.

 360° photos perform better on Facebook because they allow viewers to engage with the photograph. The 360° photos from the VR Photobooth can be emailed, shared on Facebook as 360° images, or shared as a regular image on Instagram and Twitter.

“We were so happy to work with you guys on this, the final result looks absolutely amazing.”
Karen Geller • Manager, Media Strategy
Corus Entertainment

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